Travel and resorts are increasingly targeting mobile users as part of their marketing plans, including mobile-friendly, responsive online newsrooms. MGM Resorts, Vail Resorts, and the Florida Keys all have re-structured their online newsrooms to be more mobile friendly, including photos and videos. With more than 50% of our clients’ traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your online newsroom is responsive and able to handle different screen sizes.
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According to a new TravelClick survey, more than half (57.31 percent) of  hoteliers said that they are increasing their marketing budgets for 2016, with an increased spend on search engine marketing (23.17 percent), website update / redesign (20.73 percent), online advertising (12.20 percent) and, most importantly, mobile (17.07 percent). In fact, about one-third (35.37 percent) of respondents said that they will experience the most growth in mobile bookings, compared to any other direct booking channel, in 2016 and are increasing spends on mobile specifically to capitalize on this trend as a result.


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