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31 December 2014

Lamenting the plethora of  “those ‘predictions’ and ‘trends’ articles doing their rounds on the Internet,” Daniel Newman offers a view into his own crystal ball in a recent post on aptly titled 5 Less Obvious Content Marketing Predictions For 2015.  His first “less obvious” prediction: content generation will continue to rise but readers will grow increasingly numb to it. Citing a recent study showing an annual growth rate in content production of 200%, Newman suggests that brand journalists and content marketers will move their focus from quantity to quality, creating highly targeted content for highly targeted audiences.

His second prediction is a corollary of the first—by switching their focus to quality, marketers will start thinking of SEO and content rather than SEO or content. In other words, keyword stuffing is out and good writing is in. Newman’s third prediction is that video will no longer be optional, particularly given the exponential growth of mobile. His fourth is that paid media will become more important for marketers as social platforms adopt policies similar to Facebook’s recent decision to penalize any brand or individual content deemed too promotional.
Newman’s last “less obvious prediction” is that businesses will build better homes for their diverse content. Newman notes that “the key to content marketing success will lie in how well a brand combines video, visual, and written, with strong social and SEO integration. Content marketing is headed for an interesting future where embedded videos, interactive graphics, social integrations, SEO and mobile optimization, together with written content, will form the content marketers’ mix.”
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. That’s why it’s crucial for your business or organization to have a mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, socially integrated content platform that easily accommodates hi-res video and photos. The TEKGROUP online newsroom offers all of these features plus a built-in distribution network of 240,000 journalists and over 400,000 Twitter and Facebook followers.
If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your brand journalism, PR or content marketing ROI, contact us for a free 15-minute demo of our online newsroom platform.

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