02 January 2015
Data on mobile internet usage sometimes appear contradictory, so it’s essential to go beyond the headlines. For example, a June 2014 study by SEO platform Brightedge found that 23% of organic traffic was driven by mobile while a comScore report from the same month showed that 60 percent of all online traffic was coming from mobile devices. The difference, of course, is that the Brightedge study looked only at traffic originating from search engines while comScore’s report considered all internet usage, including mobile apps and other destination-driven traffic.
The comScore study shows, unsurprisingly, that 90% of traffic in “on-the-go” usage categories such as radio, photos, maps and instant messaging comes from mobile devices. But a finding that should get any business or organization’s attention is this finding: Social media, which now accounts for 20% of total time online, now generates more than 70% of its traffic on mobile. 
In our recently released 2014 Mobile News Survey, we found that 81% of respondents use mobile to follow news frequently/all the time and that 61% use mobile to share or recommend news frequently/all the time. So if your online newsroom isn’t mobile friendly, you are likely losing out not only on traffic but on social sharing and the visits generated by sharing. To learn more, download our 2014 Mobile News Survey Report today. 

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