09 January 2015
Beneath all of the shiny new inventions unveiled at CES this week is a less-than-new technology—the indomitable smartphone. As tech reporter Chuck Martin notes in his coverage of CES, the smartphone serves as the virtual hub for many new automotive-related technologies, such as auto connectivity, fast car charging, in-car augmented reality, and self-parking. As Martin points out, this year “many [CES] presentations highlighted the importance of the smartphone, even when it’s not the central focus of the particular technology.”

In another posting from CES, Laurie Sullivan explains how data itself is becoming the rising star at CES and, you guessed it, how that data from connected cars, connected homes and other connected devices will be delivered via mobile technologies. Given the crucial role of data in today’s marketing, it’s not surprising that more and more advertising and marketing professionals are attending CES each year. While the tallies for the 2015 show, which closes on January 9, aren’t yet in, attendance by marketing and advertising professionals was up nearly 9% in 2014 from the prior year.
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