It’s something of a truism by now that social media is vital to business success, but the “why” and ROI behind social media’s importance are often harder to pin down. In an article for Chicago Now, Genevieve Valliere explores the “why” and offers this assessment: ‘When it comes to choosing where to spend money, above all else people love a “social proof” recommendation.  . . . Makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s good old word of mouth, dressed up by technology.’
Given the importance of “social proof,” it’s not surprising that 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations and 93% of shoppers’ decisions are influenced by social media. With stats like these, it’s pretty clear that if you aren’t taking full advantage of social media, you are leaving money on the proverbial table. To get the most out of social media, Valliere points out, you need to create content so that you have something interesting and compelling to share. Did you know the TEKGROUP online newsroom platform allows you to include custom Twitter embeds in your site and news releases?
Whereas social media posts disseminate in patterns resembling cell division, content needs a home base. The ideal home for your content marketing is an online newsroom that’s SEO-optimized and fully integrated with social media platforms. The TEKGROUP online newsroom also offers a social media distribution service that puts your content in front of over 400,000 Twitter followers and 200,000 journalists. With the right tools, any brand, no matter how small, can become a powerful content marketer and social media powerhouse. Isn't it time to see how an online newsroom can improve your reach? 


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