The social media landscape is changing, according to the survey findings from the Pew Research Center. Over the past year, Facebook’s growth has slowed while Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn have seen notable increases in new users. More importantly for marketers and other communications professionals, social media is becoming more segmented, with young, female and college-educated users gravitating toward Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn, respectively.
Who’s using what
The survey, conducted among the 81% adults in the US who use the internet, showed that multi-platform use in on the rise—52% of respondents use two or more social media sites, up from 42% in 2013. Facebook remains the most popular social media platform, with 71% of the online population using the site—and it has seen improved user engagement even as new-member growth has stalled. One demographic joined Facebook in large numbers over the past year: adults 65 and older. Now more than half of all online adults 65 and older (56%) use Facebook.
The study revealed that social media is becoming more segmented, with certain groups gravitating to particular platforms. More than half of young adults 18-29 who use the internet use Instagram while 50% of college-educated adults use LinkedIn. Pinterest is dominated by women—42% of online women use Pinterest compared to only 13% of online men. Does your online newsroom easily integrate social media platforms? 
How often users engage
Among Facebook’s large base of users, 70% engage with the site daily, a significant increase from the 63% who did so in 2013. By comparison, slightly less than half (49%) of Instagram users and just 17% of Pinterest users engage with those platforms daily. Only 36% of Twitter users engage daily, down from the 46% who did so in 2013. While the 13% of LinkedIn users who engage with the platform daily is unchanged from 2013, the proportion of users who use the site weekly or less often increased. That is to say, more LinkedIn users log on less frequently.
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Social media is enormously important for distributing your news, so be sure your newsroom platform integrates multiple social networks with ease. To learn more about the latest trends in news and social media, download our Social Media News Survey Report Today.
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