Here are four online newsroom resolutions for the New Year that will get you going.

Make An Editorial Calendar

Your online newsroom is only as good as the content you serve. Make sure you’re ready for 2017 by completing, and sticking to, a comprehensive content plan for your branded digital properties – both owned (web sites, e-newsletters, blogs, etc.) and earned (re-tweets, mentions, comments, etc.). Start with big items – maybe a research report, annual report, white paper, or case study – then fill in the gaps with timely stories that clearly establish your company, or client, as an industry expert in their field. Don’t rely solely on news releases to fill the content void – they are “too corporate” in most cases to engage a non-stakeholder audience.

Update and Expand Your Contact List

Times change. People change. Contact numbers and e-mail addresses change. If you’ve been getting more than a few “could not deliver” notices to your e-mail campaigns, maybe it’s time to scrub the list. This is also a great opportunity to reach out to media friends you haven’t connected with in a while.  Start the conversation with: “Just checking in to see how you’re doing and if anything has changed since we last spoke…” Who knows - they may be on deadline for a story in your industry!

Research Keywords

Yesterday it was “content marketing,” today it’s “native advertising.” Monitoring and reporting is only as good as the keywords we search. Take a long hard look at your competitive environment and re-think your top-line topics and trends. Ask our staff to do the same. Call a few close contacts or clients and ask them what is hot this year, and what is “so 2016.”  Then adjust your monitoring plan accordingly.

Include Multimedia

Like your contact list, people, places and things in your organization change over time – new hires or promotions, building additions, new products, etc. Check your evergreen digital assets in your online newsroom to make sure you’re featuring current people (including job title!), in current buildings and locations, making and distributing current products and services.  Nothing is worse than finally getting that coveted story placement in a national publication only to discover the corporate headquarters they are featuring in the story photo was vacated two years ago!

Are you looking for ideas to get more out of your online newsroom for 2017? We can help. Schedule a quick guided tour of our latest online newsroom platform today.

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