The results of the Mobile News Survey are in and we want to share with you some of the findings and key highlights that we found. As you recall, in 2012 we first did a mobile news study and when comparing the results from then to now, there are definitely some interesting observations. In addition to those comparisons, the following statistics were evident:
Most people have been using mobile technology for quite some time now; 62% more than five years
83% of mobile users spend at least 1 hour per day on their device; 13% more than five hours per day.
And what are people doing all of these hours on their mobile phones and tablets? Finding, following, reading, sharing and creating news.
92% of mobile users follow breaking news
82% of mobile users follow/monitor news sources
97% of mobile users have viewed photos
78% of mobile users visit corporate news websites
73% of mobile users visit corporate online newsrooms
As we’ve seen with social media, mobile technologies are always becoming increasingly important in the overall news landscape. Ensuring that your corporate website, your online newsroom and your social media channels are available, visible, and readable on mobile should be of upmost importance in the coming year. Did you know the TEKGROUP online newsroom platform allows you to integrate a mobile-friendly, responsive site for your newsroom?

As we’ve seen with our clients and from the findings of this study, your news is being seen everywhere, all the time. Is your online newsroom mobile ready? Schedule a free demo today.


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