06 December 2014
As more brands begin to understand the importance of leveraging news content for marketing purposes, you will see more and more "traditional" journalists being hired and inserted into the communciations departments of large corporations. This has been happening for quite some time on the fringes, with companies like Ford, Toyota, and Sprint. However, now with the tools and platforms such as social media, online newsrooms, and digital distribution, it is becoming more and more relevant for companies big and small to get involved. This means content generation, curation, sharing and offering insight on existing news pieces. 

BrandChannel.com offers a story about GE and how they are employing brand journalism effectively at their organization. GE’s Vice President Communications & Public Affairs was quoted recently in the Wall Street Journal as saying “We’re practicing what we believe to be journalism on a daily basis.” A quote that a lot of communications departments will begin paying attention to in 2015. 

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