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Online Public Relations
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20 December 2014
Although we’re increasingly being told that email is outdated and largely ignored by anyone under thirty, a new study from the UK shows that email marketing is six times more effective than social media. Shopping and price comparison website Give as you Live, a shopping and price-comparison site with a strong charitable giving component, surveyed over four thousand shoppers in the UK and found that nearly two thirds (64 percent) would interrupt what they were doing to click on a link in a retailer’s marketing email. Only 10 percent said they’d click on a retailer’s link on a social media site.
What’s true for shoppers in the UK is also true for journalists in the US—that is to say, email is the preferred mode of communication for journalists, according to our annual Online Newsroom Survey. In the 2014 report, 91% of journalists said they prefer to receive email alerts from companies regarding breaking news or any other topics of professional interest.
Although social media is great for sharing and engaging in dialogue, email has its attributes—it’s targeted to the audience you want to reach, it’s easy to measure, and even though everyone gets a ton of email, it’s easier to stand out in someone's inbox than it is to stand out on Twitter or Facebook. In the TEKGROUP online newsroom, email and social work together to market your message. Our platform offers a built-in email marketing tool with a distribution list of over 240,000 journalists and bloggers, integrated social media with a built-in network of over 400,000 Twitter followers, and robust analytics to help you know and show the ROI of all your news and other branded content. 
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