If you’re planning your budget, or thinking about how best to spend what’s left coffers, take a look at this article from Forbes, The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate. In it SEO expert and blogger Jayson DeMers predicts that budgets for content marketing will reach new highs across all industries and that content marketing is going through some major changes.
Where will all that money go? DeMers predicts that some will go into content creation—white papers, blogs, videos, etc.—but a good deal will also go into improving distribution, which happens to be his #1 Trend: “Companies will learn that publication is only the small first step; value comes from distribution.” Trend #2 is closely related to the first: “Content marketing will become inextricably linked with social media marketing.”
There’s no better way to improve content distribution and get the most from social media than to invest in a TEKGROUP newsroom. We’ve been focused on distribution and social media for years, and as result we have a distribution network of over 200,000 journalists and a social media network of more than 400,000 Twitter followers. What’s more, our newsrooms get great SEO, which, happens to be DeMers fourth trend, “Companies who embrace content marketing will achieve higher search engine rankings.” Do you want to learn more about how SEO can help save money?
If you have a spare 15 minutes between meetings, let us show you what an SEO-optimized newsroom that’s fully integrated with social media platforms can do for you. Contact me to schedule a demo.


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