Recently the conetnt marketing world descended upon London for their annual summit. Although we were not able to attend the summit, upon reading some of the tips and advice coming out of the conference, we were excited to see that the industry is continuing to thrive. Content marketing is such a critical part of an organization's communications strategy and if done well, can help not only increase awareness of a brand or product, but also help drive leads.

Clients such as MGM Resorts and Vail Resorts have utilized a content marketing strategy on their online newsrooms and have had great success in generating awareness and increasing traffic to their news and PR efforts. Sites such as and are good examples of a successful blend of content marketing and an online newsroom. Many other organizations are beginning to embrace content marketing as a strategy as well.

Some of the highlights that came out of the latest content marketing summit include these articles from the Content Marketing Association:

Major Headlines From Content Marketing Summit
Best Practice Advice From the Content Marketing Summit- What's ahead for 2016
Future Trends in Content Marketing

Leveraging your online newsroom for your content marketing efforts can help you save time and money as well as help kickstart your distribution and reach efforts.


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