30 December 2014

In a recent post on CustomerThink, Eran Feinstein, CEO at 3G Direct Pay, Africa’s leading online payment service, takes a look back at the most innovative uses of mobile technology in 2014. Among the eight innovations cited, which include wearables, waterproofing and the connectivity of ordinary objects such as coffee makers, Feinstein points to “mobile collaboration,” which at first blush doesn’t seem all that new.
But Feinstein notes that “people are telecommuting more, accessing networks and files remotely, working less with desktops (and even laptops) and more on smartphones and tablets, and working with colleagues around the world.” He goes on to say that such collaboration has been made possible by mobile innovations like cloud-based storage systems and mobile-friendly editing and collaboration solutions such as Quip and CloudOn.
We’ve seen a similar turn to mobile technologies both in our research and in the increased mobile traffic coming to our clients’ online newsrooms. Journalists and bloggers, who may be a bit ahead of the mobile collaboration curve, have for some time been telling us that they rely on mobile devices to research and write articles. To find out more about how everyday consumers are using mobile technology, download our 2014 Mobile News Survey Report today.

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