24 August 2015

TEKGROUP is proud to announce the release of their 2015 Social Media Newsroom Survey.  Download the research now at: http://bit.ly/SMNS2015
The 2015 Social Media News Survey Report is an extensive analysis of how social media users find news, share news with their friends and followers, and how companies are using social media as a distribution outlet to quickly and more directly reach their audiences. If there is one call to action for organizations – big and small – as a result of this study, it would be that using social media for news distribution is imperative, expected, and cost-effective. Social media users are sharing news on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn primarily, however many other social networks are also used for connecting with audiences. “We have been seeing a trend lately with our clients of using social media as a distribution channel for news,” said Steve Momorella, Owner and Founder of TEKGROUP International. “With millions of news consumers, including journalists, investors and bloggers, using social media as a primary news channel, small and large companies can achieve incredible cost savings by leveraging sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for their news distribution.”
One of the more interesting revelations that came out of this year’s research was that social media users go to corporate websites and online newsrooms after seeing a link on sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Almost 80% said that they visit a branded corporate website or online newsroom after becoming alerted to news on social media. 22% said they visit corporate websites and online newsrooms all the time. This is valuable to know because organizations can more cost effectively distribute their news through social media channels, instead of more traditional methods such as the newswires. Organizations such as Coca-Cola, Red Bull, and Netflix all effectively use social media for news distribution.
While sharing news via social media is nothing new, this year’s study revealed that social media users are also discovering news via channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Not only journalists, but also general news consumers are looking to social media to find their news, versus traditional channels such as newspapers and television. Social media has become a cost effective and timely news distribution channel for many organizations.
The survey ran from May 15th to July 15th with 150 responders.
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