08 December 2011
Steve Momorella, TEKGROUP and Pete Codella, News Cactus will present.
TEKGROUP's Steve Momorella and News Cactus' Pete Codella will be co-presenting an exciting webinar, "The Incredible Online Newsroom", as part of the PRSA continuing education program. The webinar is to be held on January 31 at 3pm EST and sign up will be available at PRSA's web site.

In this digital age online newsrooms have increasingly become a staple communication resource for the public relations professional. Recently, with the proliferation of social media, the online newsroom has evolved further into a must-have digital tool for all areas of communication, including investor relations, employee relations, marketing, and brand awareness.


Join online newsroom experts Steve Momorella and Pete Codella as they share best practice online newsroom examples. They’ll provide tips on how to leverage an online newsroom to help increase exposure and decrease content distribution costs. And they’ll outline why a centralized, social media equipped online information headquarters is a must-have part of your public relations toolkit for mainstream journalists and news consumers.

During this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Position your online newsroom as a go-to resource in your industry
  • Ensure that you have all of the essential elements that mainstream journalists expect
  • Integrate social media features into your online newsroom so that people can easily share your news
  • Make decisions based on research with journalists and news consumers on features and functions of an online newsroom
  • Use content marketing to help increase exposure and brand awareness for your organization
  • Utlize multimedia - documents, images, logos, videos, and audio files - to tell more of your story
  • Determine the best approach for your organization: build a newsroom yourself or use a hosted service
Detailed online newsroom case studies will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of using digital communication tools and integrating social media into your communications efforts.
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