23 May 2012
Posted by Jennifer Angell
Not too long ago we had a customer with the need to accomplish two things:
  1. Embed a lighter, faster video in a player on their video display page for those users wanting to watch the video now but avoid having buffer delays while waiting for a large video file to download while playing.
  2.  Offer other formats for journalists who wanted to download the full monty ie: .mp4, .mov and .wmv versions of the same video.
We rolled up our sleeves and got to work.  In the end, the Video Tool was altered in a way to allow the admin the ability to upload a lightweight flash file used for embedding into the video player on the newsroom's video display page. In conjunction, they can also upload as many other different formats as needed. The video displayed in the player does not necessarily need to be a flash movie – it can also be a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Here's an example of what the Video Tool looks like.  The screenshot shows the admin has already uploaded a few formats already and can continue to upload as many more as needed by clicking the "Upload Another File" button:


Video Tool:

Below the area for uploading a new file is a listing of all existing video files already uploaded.  The "Primary?" column indicates which video has been marked as Primary, meaning that is the video that the player on the newsroom's video display page will use to play to the user.  The rest are listed below the video player with download links.  Here's an example of what the newsroom's video display page looks like.

Newsroom's Video Display Page:

The end result allows the journalist to view the YouTube or flash movie on demand and/or download the larger format(s) to acquire a hard copy. 

See your Client Service Manager for any questions about this post and/or upgrading today!
Jennifer Angell
Client Service Manager
TEKGROUP International

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