27 June 2012
Posted by Jennifer Angell
Let’s face it; people with “not-so-smart” phones are a dying breed.  Traffic via mobile devices to your newsroom is increasing in numbers every month.  Now is the time to consider adding a mobile site to your newsroom platform to accommodate this growing user group.

Consider these statistics:

  1. Nearly 70% of survey takers said they use mobile technologies to monitor, read and share news
  2. 77% of respondents said they visit corporate news websites or online newsrooms using their mobile devices
  3. 74% of our survey participants said they use mobile technologies to view and share news at least one hour per day
  4. More than 75% said that they consider receiving news on mobile devices to be more “timely’ than traditional news sources
  5. 82% of survey respondents said they use Facebook and 79% said they use Twitter as primary news sources.
TEKGROUP recently conducted our first annual Mobile News Survey and the results reaffirmed the assumption of mobile device popularity, but some stats may surprise you.  We determined 42% of the respondents use their mobile device for 2 hours or more a day to read and share news.  Download the Mobile News Survey today for a full report.

A mobile site differs from your newsroom site in a few ways:

  • The design is incredibly lite.  We forgo using images (other than your logo) in the look and feel of the site to avoid heavy and long page loads.
  • The content is stream lined.  The objective of the mobile site is to provide the important information front and center so that the journalist does not have to hunt for it, which can be frustrating on a small device.  Information that is not as important is left off the mobile site navigation all together.  We do provide a link in the mobile footer to allow the journalist to load the “full site” (aka: the site you would see on your desktop).  If they need to access any information not made available on the mobile version, they can do so here.
The mobile site plug-in will allow you to dictate via the section tool, which sections you’d like on your normal full site navigation and which sections you’d like to display on your mobile site navigation.  For static stand-alone type sections, we give you a separate section editor in case you would like to tailor the content layout a bit different for the mobile site.  Other controlled pages are redesigned in a more mobile friendly format.  For example, all forms are strictly vertical instead of having some form fields side by side.  No one wants to scroll horizontally on a phone if they don’t have to!

Sample TEKGROUP Online Newsroom as seen on a mobile device:


As technology improves, users' tolerance for dealing with websites failing to adapt diminishes almost just as quickly.   Implementing a mobile newsroom is a great way (if not currently the best way) to stay on top of current online trends.  TEKGROUP can work with your existing newsroom to quickly layer a mobile design supported by nearly all smart phone devices.
See your Client Service Manager for any questions about this post and/or upgrading today!
Jennifer Angell
Client Service Manager
TEKGROUP International

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