30 March 2009
By Steve Momorella
The TEKgroup 2009 Online Newsroom survey is in progress right now. We’ll know complete results in a few weeks, but as expected, journalist’s desire for video has already increased.
With over 75% of journalists noting its importance, it’s wise for a communicator to integrate video files into a campaign, no matter which audience is targeted. Below are just a few ways video is being used in online newsrooms such as http://news.starbucks.com, http://news.delta.com, http://press.restaurant.com, http://newsroom.mcafee.com, http://news.prudential.com, http://www.disneylandnews.com, and others.
-          Corporate history/timelines/milestones
-          Executive speeches/interviews
-          Events
-          Product/equipment/manufacturing demonstrations
-          Social media
-          Previous editorial coverage
-          Education
-          Case studies
-          Facility tours
-          Travel locations
-          Celebrity endorsements
-          Partnership announcements
-          Trade show floor reporting
-          Commercials
-          Environmental issues
-          Community involvement
-          Financial Reports
All online newsrooms should provide a multimedia gallery that houses photographs, logos, audio and video. Videos can be highlighted in featured right rails and embedded within the associated news release, whether locally stored or available via YouTube.
Videos should be always be identified with a caption, abstract, file format and duration. The most common video file formats used by journalists include .wmv, .mpeg, .avi, and Quicktime. Multimedia galleries should be categorized by type of content, and when possible, B-roll quality video should be available for download.
Any time that tone, inflection and body language are available, a journalist will be able to interpret and relay your message more accurately. The opportunity for more editorial coverage also presents itself with the use of video. A journalist may not be able to attend an event due to distance and budget restrictions. With video available online, the event can still be reported on.
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