04 June 2009
Yes, but not solely. Twitter, along with other social media environments such as LinkedIn and Facebook should be considered additional business tools for communications professionals, and used as such.
This year, the annual TEKgroup Online Newsroom Survey was expanded to determine how journalists feel about these tools. The survey found that Twitter does show potential as an accepted way of delivering news to reporters. Although only a 38 percent chance, that isn’t bad for an initial showing.
Email alerts, tweets, RSS feeds, and releases delivered via wire services are all viable ways to transmit corporate messages. Each of them can be integrated into your main tool - the online newsroom - for seamless automation. The more a public relations professional can do with less effort and less time, the more impact and return on investment can be shown.
If you track the results of a message generated by only one of these mechanisms, you will see its footprint pale in comparison to a message that is all together posted onto an online newsroom, and automatically reproduced onto Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. With this process, opportunities for expanded distribution multiply – through both traditional media and social media.
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