01 September 2009
In August, we discussed the “Strategy of Password Protecting Online Newsrooms, or Not” in the TEKgroup blog. Ultimately, it isn’t about what content you secure, but whether or not the online newsroom software you use will allow you to secure sections as needed. Even the communicators at Prudential Financial learned this after receiving a lot of feedback around one of their closed sections.
Although password protection is not a necessity, nor a good fit for all organizations, it can be beneficial to both journalists and communicators. What should be carefully considered is how to handle the steps involved after registration.
  • Allow immediate entry and vet registrations systematically.
  • Provide text on registration page stating that the registrant will be allowed access in one to two days after approved.
  • Generate a pop-up message stating that a public relations professional will contact them soon.
As the decision to password protect an online newsroom is based on individual organizational needs and procedures, so is management of registration. Immediate entry acknowledges a journalist’s deadline. The delayed approval process enables a communicator to maintain control of their database, and reduce misuse of content. If the choice is to contact the registrant directly, make sure that contact is made within the same day as registration. Always provide contact information in case the registrant has an immediate need.
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