09 February 2010
Amy Kemp is a member of the “C-suite.” As senior communications manager for the premier mountain resort company in the world, Amy spends a good deal of time coordinating calendars, collaborating campaigns, and combining content. But with three distinct operating divisions and 5 world-class resort destinations, this is no easy task.
“We have teams who are located with our specific brands at our specific resorts – and they are not all in one place,” Amy explains. “We have a PR team at Vail, one at Beaver Creek, one at Breckenridge, one at Keystone, and one in California at Heavenly – and we’re corporately based in Broomfield, Colorado. What the online newsroom allows us to do is have one portal for all our news content – it becomes a shared platform even though we are scattered about.”
Amy sees the online newsroom providing consolidation for her publics as well. “We are a very diverse and broad company so the online newsroom allows us to serve both our internal and external stakeholders,” Amy continues. “The media and our key stakeholders can gather all their content in one spot - whether they are looking for information about our company, or they are looking for information about a specific brand - they can find that too.”
And so far the collaborative news strategy seems to be paying dividends in high customer satisfaction. “The one area where we’ve received a lot of positive feedback is the multimedia area,” Amy confided. “We just released our new social media platform and we’ve definitely heard from our stakeholders. They like the fact that they can download the photos they want after browsing through the low-res versions in our photo library first. The fact that we’re serving up the visuals as well as the text – they like that a lot.”
Vail Resorts’ launch of a social media platform within the online newsroom coincided with a much broader corporate commitment to Web 2.0. “We see social media as mission critical,” Amy explains. “We’ve said publicly we are shifting more of our marketing and advertising dollars away from traditional media to more engagement media. In fact, we just started our first blog!”
 Although it’s still a work in progress, Amy continues to look for “interesting ways we can interact and engage with not just the media but other stakeholders.”
“The online newsroom allows us to do that,” Amy said. “We’re providing the traditional press release in conjunction with a related story on our blog and a quick headline on Twitter, and the Twitter feed links back to our online newsroom.”
Now that’s synergy!
“The online newsroom allows us to capture everything that we’re doing no matter the channel,” Amy said. “What were trying to do is pull all our content into one shared platform so anyone can see everything at one time – the full view of how we’re telling our story across multiple channels. It’s absolutely critical. Our business is so visual, and people are so passionate about it, having a multi-media, multi-channel platform allows us to tell a story from multiple perspectives.”
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Amy Kemp is a senior communications manager for Vail Resorts, Inc. Prior to her current position Amy was the communications manager for Keystone Resort, one of Vail Resort’s 5 world-class destination resorts. Amy also served as the business and marketing manager for the Keystone Neighborhood Company, and as a reporter for the Summit Daily News in Colorado.
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