24 March 2009
By Steve Momorella

With the advent of new social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Myspace, many questions have been raised about their place in your overall PR and marketing efforts. Can you use a Facebook Fan Page to replace your Online Newsroom was one question recently posed by Jon Newman of The Hodges Partnership.

Several comments were made in support of Online Newsrooms vs. Facebook Fan Pages, including my voluminous response. After my post, and Jon’s subsequent post, I decided to dive a little deeper into the idea and see if my response was indeed as valid as it looked at first glance.

Below is the result of a feature comparison I ran pitting the TEKgroup Online Newsroom against the toolset of a Facebook Fan Page. For the feature set, I used the results of a survey that we do each year asking journalists (reporters, editors, bloggers, analysts, producers) what they want to see in an Online Newsroom. Although, in full disclosure, this is a TEKgroup survey, I feel that it is a comprehensive list of legitimate requirements for any PR and marketing communications portal.

What I found supported my initial observation that in no way does a Facebook Fan Page have the features and tools that you need to manage all of your communications effectively. Should you have a Facebook Fan Page for your organization? Sure, you can meet all kinds of people and share a lot of information with your Facebook friends/associates. Should you use a Facebook Fan Page to replace your Online Newsroom? Absolutely not.

Feature TEKgroup Online Newsroom Facebook Fan Page
SEO Friendly URL Yes No
Unrestricted Access Yes No
Social media press releases Yes No
Press kits Yes No
Executive Bios Yes No
Contact Information Yes Yes
Manage Audio Yes Yes
Categorize Audio Yes No
Share Audio Yes Yes
Email Distribute Audio Yes No
Manage Video Yes Yes
Categorize Video Yes No
Share Video Yes Yes
Email Distribute Video Yes No
Manage Images Yes Yes
Categorize Images Yes No
Share Images Yes Yes
Email Distribute Images Yes No
Search Within Site Yes No
Search Archive Yes No
SEO individual content Yes No
Customize Look/Feel Yes No
Password-Protect Areas Yes No
Generate User Reports Yes No
Generate Content Reports Yes No
Generate Email Reports Yes No
Create Sections/Subsections Yes No
Dark Site / Crisis Site Yes No
Manage Media Contacts Yes No
Create Distribution Lists Yes No
Manage Calendar Yes Yes
Media Credentialing Yes No
Include RSS Feeds Yes No
Create RSS Feeds Yes No

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