09 February 2010
Erica Coleman likes automation. As a senior public relations manager for the world's largest dedicated security technology company, Erica is surrounded by some of the best thinkers in systems automation and computer security on the planet. But, Erica noticed her media relations program was not up to company, or her, standards.
“Our press release posting process was not automated at all – it was a twice-daily, manual push affair,” Erica admits. “Now it’s not only automated, it’s in real time, eliminating a substantial resource drag. That’s really nice.”
“In addition, our RSS feeds and e-mail alerts are all now completely automated too,” she continues. “And if I move something across the news wire, it’s going to be on our site - so I don’t have to worry about posting twice.”
And now the automation extends beyond her San Francisco office. “We use a lot of different PR agencies around the globe, and we don’t have a ‘shared drive’ as such because they are all external agencies. But we can always share information via the newsroom. So if they are looking for a product photo, a news release, or anything really, they can go to the newsroom and find it without having to contact me.”
Now that’s automation!
“Once you have your newsroom set up it’s pretty much just a matter of content maintenance - swapping out a bio if it gets outdated, or making sure your contact information is current,” Erica explains. “You can even have news feeds coming from other sources if you like.”
Now Erica is free to explore the limitless possibilities for communicating with key audiences through social media. “You can even automate things like posting to a Facebook fan page, or posting press release links to your Twitter account,” she notes. “The online newsroom gives you the ability to tag all your content – it’s just a matter of checking a box. Instead of one person posting on 10 different sites, it’s ‘check…check…upload’ and you hit 10 different sites simultaneously. And if one site is more important to you than the others, that’s where you focus your efforts.”
 Erica now sees a shifting role for public relations in the near future. “When I look at social media I look less at Facebook and Twitter, and more at blogging. It used to be we only interacted with journalists at traditional publications. Now there are citizen journalists that our publics are communicating with every day. We’re talking directly with potential customers or investors through the online newsroom. It’s expanded the PR person’s role beyond a simple focus on media to really communicating with all audiences.
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Erica Coleman is a senior public relations manager for McAfee Security, the world's largest dedicated security technology company. Prior to joining McAfee in 2006 Erica worked as a public relations manager for computer software manufacturer Mercury, and as a public relations specialist for computer networking giant Cisco.
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