11 June 2009
By Steve Momorella
The social media revolution has brought about a proliferation of free software. Communicators with little to no budgetary means are understandably tempted to grab onto these resources. One of these resources is blog software.
At first glance, free blog software programs seem to be able to meet most content management goals. Albeit a very good tool for writing a blog, free blog software falls short of providing all of the features and functions required, by journalists and communicators alike, for a completely developed online newsroom.
At TEKgroup, we like to supply solid research. Research that helps communicators with due diligence when weighing the values of an online newsroom, including the 2009 TEKgroup Online Newsroom Survey, the Top 10 Reasons to Have an Online Newsroom, the Top 20 Elements to Have in an Online Newsroom, the Top 5 Functions to Have in an Online Newsroom. All of this research comes in handy when communicators have to deal with roadblocks from internal IT and purchasing departments.
We felt that a preliminary comparison guide would also aid communicators who are considering free blog software for their communication needs. The three-page white paper entitled "Concerns of Using Blog Software to Create a Professional Online Newsroom" brings to light that charges for what should be basic features can add up quickly, taking “free” out of the equation.
Other areas of note include the following:
-          Why an online newsroom matters
-          Cost comparison – blog software vs. online newsroom software
-          Differences between blog software and online newsroom software: Branding, functions, hosting, and content
Download the free white paper "Concerns of Using Blog Software to Create a Professional Online Newsroom" to learn about important details concerning search capability, email alerts, technical support and design.
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