02 February 2009

Convenience, Contact, Content and Comments in Media Relations Practices

Journalists express entertaining comments, both positive and negative, on how the Internet has affected their research. A new Barks & Bites piece in Bulldog Reporter's Daily 'Dog - http://tinyurl.com/c9oqdg - reveals insight into the changes that journalists have experienced, and relays the importance of convenience, contacts and content.
01 December 2008

Social Media Components in Your Online Newsroom

It seems as if the buzz around social media is not dying down. For several years now, it has taken front seat in the rollercoaster that is online public relations, marketing, and corporate communications - and it really shows no signs of stopping. During a quick search on Google News, I found that the number of news stories with “social media” in their headline has jumped from 199 in 2006 to more than 700 in 2008. Obviously, mainstream media is paying attention to this upstart phenomenon that, quite frankly, isn’t all that new.