30 March 2009

Use of Video in an Online Newsroom

By Steve Momorella
With over 75% of journalists noting its importance, it’s wise for a communicator to integrate video files into a campaign, no matter which audience is targeted. Below are just a few ways video is being used in online newsrooms such as http://news.starbucks.com, http://news.delta.com, http://press.restaurant.com, http://newsroom.mcafee.com, http://news.prudential.com, http://www.disneylandnews.com, and others.
18 March 2009

Prudential’s Online Newsroom: A Success Story

In today’s fast pace digital PR world, too many “experts” and “thought leaders” are talking about Online Newsrooms and what they can do, but not enough people are actually showing real world examples of success. Everyone is a social media expert, but very few can show you tangible examples from companies using social media and Online Newsrooms in an efficient and measurable way.
We are extremely fortunate at TEKgroup International to work with some of the biggest and best companies in the world that use our Online Newsroom software solution. Companies like Ford Motor Company, Starbucks, Walgreens, Delta Air Lines, CIGNAMcAfeePRSA, Pitney Bowes, Getty Images, Turner Broadcasting, Scripps NetworksAccenture, Paychex, and Volkswagen to name a few.
We are also extremely proud to work with Prudential and in a recent discussion with their Chief Communications Officer, Bob DeFillippo, we asked him to talk with us about the success of the Prudential Online Newsroom, how they are handling social media, and where he sees the future of corporate communications.
I asked Bob to talk about the trends that they’ve noticed with moving their PR, media relations, and community relations online, using the TEKgroup Online Newsroom software. Listen to Bob’s response. One key element that Bob discusses is repurposing their existing content in terms of video, podcasts, image libraries, radio spots, webcasts and webinars for their Online Newsroom and also sharing that with their social media outlets. Bob tells me how Prudential leverages their existing content.
Our philosophy at TEKgroup has always been (since 1998) that your Online Newsroom should be a centralized point to reach all of your constituents, all of your key influencers. This includes the mainstream and new media, analysts, customers, prospects, government agencies and lobbyists, and anyone else interested in your organization. As Bob discusses in this segment, Prudential uses their Online Newsroom to reach all of their various stakeholders.
Monitoring. Metrics. Analysis. Measurement. You hear these words all of the time and they are extremely important. You need to be able to measure success. Hear Bob and his associate, Lisa Iurato, talk about how they are measuring and monitoring the success of their Online Newsroom. Some pretty incredible usage statistics in just one year.
In closing, I asked Bob where he thinks Prudential will be in five years. His response, as you might expect, is that communications will become ever more interactive in coming years with companies engaging directly with cons
16 March 2009

The Press Room is Dead

The online newsroom is no longer for media only. This is what I told PR Week during an interview a few weeks ago. PR Week usually calls me to find out about the latest trends in online newsrooms, and I thoroughly enjoy this exchange. The issue date for the upcoming online newsroom issue is March 30, 2009.