18 May 2010

New Survey Underscores Importance of Online Newsroom to Corporate Social Media Strategy

Preliminary results of a social media news survey conducted by TEKGROUP International and Associate Professor Ken Payne of Western Kentucky University seem to underscore the importance of the online newsroom to corporate communicators. The survey - which specifically measures acceptance, attitudes and use of social media tools to follow, share, and post news and information - has garnered more than 400 responses to date and is scheduled to continue through June 1.
01 April 2010

Using Your Online Newsroom to Market Your Message

Most organizations have great stories to tell. New products are coming out, new services are being offered, charitable efforts are being extended in local communities, and countless other newsworthy events are going on within a company at any given time. In today's digital era, there are also numerous online tools available to corporate communicators to help them create, manage, distribute and monitor their news.
09 February 2010

Meet Erica Coleman from McAfee Software

Erica Coleman likes automation. As a senior public relations manager for the world's largest dedicated security technology company, Erica is surrounded by some of the best thinkers in systems automation and computer security on the planet. But, Erica noticed her media relations program was not up to company, or her, standards.
09 February 2010

Meet Bob DeFillippo from Prudential

Managing communications for a Fortune 100 company with operations in 30 countries certainly keeps the Global Communications Department at Prudential busy. And Bob leads the team.
However, it’s Bob’s experience as a former newspaper reporter that led him to the discovery of several important trends in public relations.
09 February 2010

Meet Scott Monty from Ford Motor Company

Scott Monty is a connector. He connects interests with the skill sets needed to make things happen. As digital and multimedia communications manager for the only American car company to say ‘no thanks’ to government bailout money, Scott leads a team of online publishers and new media specialists who are listening online and connecting content to customers every day.
09 February 2010

Meet Amy Kemp from Vail Resorts

Amy Kemp is a member of the “C-suite.” As senior communications manager for the premier mountain resort company in the world, Amy spends a good deal of time coordinating calendars, collaborating campaigns, and combining content. But with three distinct operating divisions and 5 world-class resort destinations, this is no easy task.

"We have teams who are located with our specific brands at our specific resorts – and they are not all in one place,” Amy explains. “We have a PR team at Vail, one at Beaver Creek, one at Breckenridge, one at Keystone, and one in California at Heavenly – and we’re corporately based in Broomfield, Colorado. What the online newsroom allows us to do is have one portal for all our news content – it becomes a shared platform even though we are scattered about.

Amy sees the online newsroom providing consolidation for her publics as well. “We are a very diverse and broad company so the online newsroom allows us to serve both our internal and external stakeholders,” Amy continues. “The media and our key stakeholders can gather all their content in one spot - whether they are looking for information about our company, or they are looking for information about a specific brand - they can find that"

01 October 2009

Five Vital Online Tools for Every PR Practitioner

By Steve Momorella
The pace of public relations, marketing, and advertising is becoming almost unmanageable. Go to bed at 11:00 p.m. at night, wake up at 6:00 a.m., and your whole world could have changed overnight. Perhaps, a negative story broke about one of your products, or rumors began to swirl about your organization’s inability to meet earnings, or a bad report is due soon about your company’s past misgivings.
24 September 2009

Which One Ranks Higher – the Online Newsroom or the Corporate Site?

We were curious to see how an optimized online newsroom would fare against the established corporate site in a Google search. We used the simple methodology of searching for some random client names along with “news” to represent a commonly used search phrase for accessing news about an organization. We then noted the ranking of each based on their specific search result.
01 September 2009

The Next Step IF You Password Protect Your Online Newsroom

In August, we discussed the “Strategy of Password Protecting Online Newsrooms, or Not” in the TEKgroup blog. Ultimately, it isn’t about what content you secure, but whether or not the online newsroom software you use will allow you to secure sections as needed.