06 July 2012
Posted by Jennifer Angell
Need to get a press release or executive bio off the site in a hurry?  There are two methods to achieve this without actually deleting the press release, which may come in handy down the road.

Manipulate the Archive Date

An article is only accessible on the newsroom during it’s active lifespan which is dictated by the release and archive date range.  It will not appear on the site until the release date has been met and likewise it removes itself automatically when the archive date has been reached.  (You might be scratching your head at this point wondering if this explains why some of your older content has gone missing – do I hear a bingo?!)
If a press release needs to come down in a quick manner, one way to do it is to change the Archive date to some date in the past.  This is fairly easy to do – edit the press release, find the Archive Date dropdown (towards the top of the form) and change the date to yesterday. 

  this approach may backfire on you and is not the method I would recommend.  If you do realize that some of your older content has hit their expiration date and you want your Client Service Manager to do a bulk update to bring everything back to life, any article you suppressed from the site using this method will suddenly re-appear.  Use with caution.

Change the Status

The status of the content item also dictates whether or not it is accessible to the general public and is my preferred method for removing something off the newsroom.  Only content items with a status of “Live” will appear on the newsroom.  Therefore, if you change the status to Staged or Unpublished, it will immediately be removed from the site.

I recommend using "Unpublished" for items you do not intend to ever publish back onto the newsroom but you want to keep them around "just in case".  The "Staged" status should be treated for content items that will eventually be published.
Both of the described methods suppress the content item from all angles.  If someone knows the URL and tries to load it or has it bookmarked, they will be relocated to the home page.  The content item may still appear for some time in Google Search results; however, when clicked, the user will be dished up the newsroom home page.  We submit updated sitemaps to Google every hour, but it can take them some time to pull down archived content from their search index.

TIP:  If you are logged into the newsroom as an admin, you can see staged and unpublished articles.  This allows you to have a sneak preview before the general public.  Also - In case you didn't know, when viewing an article on the newsroom logged in as an admin, you have a quick link available to edit the item.  This can reduce the time you spend trying to find it in the maintenance site if you know exactly where it is on the newsroom...very handy in cases where evey second matters!  This screenshot was taken of my Blog: "What Other Clients Have Done" while logged in as an admin.  Circled in red below are the edit links that will take me directly to the press release edit tool for this blog post.

The Delete Button

You’ve seen it on the dashboard and you’re tempted to click it when in full panic mode to pull content off the site.  I advise against this for these reasons:
  1. It permanently removes the content item from the site – the database row is deleted.   Not even Harry Potter can get it back for you.
  2. Admins usually regret their decision in using the delete button approximately 10 seconds after hitting it.   Someone needs to see what the article used to look like or your boss yells “my bad!” and wants it back on the site.  Unfortunately since it was removed from the database, you will find yourself up that one creek we loath without a paddle. 
It’s tempting, but I encourage you to forget the delete button is even there.  I’m happy to remove it for you if you fear you may lack the willpower ;)
Instructions given here represent the most current online newsroom platform brought to you TEKGROUP. If your newsroom is not an exact representation of what I’ve described, perhaps it’s time to think about upgrading. See your Client Service Manager for any questions about this post and/or upgrading today!
Jennifer Angell
Client Service Manager
TEKGROUP International

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