The hottest thing in content marketing isn’t read—it’s viewed. According to a recent survey of marketers conducted by Web Marketing 123, 74% of B2Cs and 76% of B2Bs create videos for their target audiences, making video the most popular content marketing format. And it’s popular because it works: 68% of B2Bs and 73% of B2Cs say videos are the most effective tool they can wield online.

Sticky, fast, mobile and viral
Video is not only the future of content marketing, a recent Cisco study, which predicts that video will account for 69% of all online consumer traffic by 2017, suggests that video may be the future of the internet. One reason for video’s impending World Wide Web domination: it’s sticky. According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of Internet users remember watching a video in the past 30 days, and 46% of viewers took some action after viewing it.
Video is also fast, and requires less of the user, who is notoriously disinclined to read online. In other words, video is ideal for busy people trying to conserve their mental bandwidth. Not surprisingly, Forbes reports that 75% of executives say they view work-related videos at least once a week and 65% of those viewers visit the marketer’s website afterwards.
As mobile technology becomes even more dominant, expect online video usage to rise, too. Another trend to watch: Digiday reports that the increase in smartphone screen size is boosting video consumption. Mobile use also tends to promote sharing: 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, according to Digiday.
Video isn’t just for marketing
While most research on the rise of online video tends to focus on content marketing, it’s important to remember that video is increasingly important in digital journalism and corporate communications. Nothing tells a story quite like video, and the best online newsrooms make the most of video. Toyota does a great job incorporating video into their online newsroom, Videos are often used in press releases and other news stories on the site, and the Toyota newsroom also offers video galleries for each of the company's major brands. Travel Alberta offers a gallery of breathtaking videos in its online newsroom,, enticing travel journalists not only to write about Alberta but to also visit. Some companies have even moved to video-only press releases, skipping the "press"—or printed—part entirely.
In our 2015 Online Newsroom Survey Report, videos were among the top 20 features journalists value in an online newsroom, coming in #17 on the list with 81% of journalists saying they are important. Offering high-quality B-roll video in your online newsroom makes it easy for local stations, digital news outlets, and sometimes even larger TV networks, to include a video clip of your product in a news story. Plus, providing videos in your online newsroom will help journalists tell your story and eliminate the costs of sending DVDs or large digital files to members of the press. And posting videos to your online newsroom, YouTube and Vimeo increases the likelihood that your video—and your news—will go viral.



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