Four Signs You Need to Improve Your Online Newsroom

Online newsrooms have become an integral part of every communicator’s tool kit. There are four key indicators that you need to consider when creating or upgrading your newsroom to save time and money for your organization. Below we look at each sign and provide details on what journalists expect from your online newsroom. If you are creating a new newsroom or upgrading your existing one, these can help.

Content Marketing to Focus on Distribution and Social

If you’re planning your budget, or thinking about how best to spend what’s left in your coffers, take a look at this article from Forbes, The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate. In it SEO expert and blogger Jayson DeMers predicts that budgets for content marketing will reach new highs across all industries, with a new emphasis on distribution and social media. 

Online Newsroom New Year's Resolutions for 2016

This is a good time to think about your PR resolutions for 2017. What worked last year? What flopped? How can you be more effective, more reachable, more relevant, and more valuable to your organization?

A great place to look might be your communications systems and processes. And, where better to start than your online newsroom. Here are a few 2017 online newsroom resolutions that will get you going – but, like loosing weight and working out, it’s up to you to make it happen.

Promoting Your Brand on a Limited Budget

Most small to mid-sized organizations have limited PR and marketing budgets. However, this shouldn't dissuade corporate communicators from considering how they can still generate awareness for their campaigns.

Finding ROI in Content Marketing and Online Newsrooms

One of the most frequent questions we are asked when talking about online newsrooms and content marketing is "where is the ROI?" It is a fair question and one that must be addressed in light of the fact that there are many, many "experts" out there who may or may not be bringing value to your organization. 

Responsive Design: One Key to a Successful Mobile Online Newsroom

When you publish your corporate content via the online newsroom, how many different and unique ways will your news consumers access this information – computer, mobile, tablet? Moreover, if you already know many of your visitors prefer mobile or tablet, you simply have to accommodate their preferences or risk losing them to a competitor. TEKGROUP takes a look at responsive design and what it means to your online newsroom.

Social Media: Word of Mouth, Amplified Exponentially

It’s something of a truism by now that social media is vital to business success, but the “why” and ROI behind social media’s importance are often harder to pin down. In an article for Chicago Now, Genevieve Valliere explores the “why” and offers this assessment: ‘When it comes to choosing where to spend money, above all else people love a “social proof” recommendation.  . . . Makes sense doesn’t it? It’s good old word of mouth, dressed up by technology.’
2015 Survey Suggests that the Online Newsroom Has Reached Critical Mass
09 February 2015

2015 Survey Suggests that the Online Newsroom Has Reached Critical Mass

The results of our annual survey of US journalists have been tabulated, and for the first time it’s clear that the online newsroom has reached critical mass. In other words, an online newsroom is no longer a nice-to-have for your company or organization— it’s a must-have according to the 685 journalists who completed our survey.
Our Clients, Old and New, Made 2014 a Great Year for TEKGROUP
06 January 2015

Our Clients, Old and New, Made 2014 a Great Year for TEKGROUP

2014 was a great year for TEKGROUP and our many clients. We added nearly a dozen new clients to our roster and created new sites for a number of existing clients.
2014: The Year Mobile Starting Living Up to Its Potential
05 January 2015

2014: The Year Mobile Starting Living Up to Its Potential

2014 will be remembered for many things, but for those of us in the business of communicating with consumers, it’s likely to be thought of as the year that “mobile marketing finally began to step up to its potential,” according to ADWEEKIf your job is to “earn” media rather than purchase it, these stats still matter—spending is turning to mobile and digital because that’s where the eyeballs are.