Renown Health Launches Best-in-Class Newsroom

The newly launched Renown Health online newsroom is a great example of a best-in-class newsroom containing all of the elements that journalists expect as well as frequently updated and relevant content.

How Not-for-Profits Are Finding Success with Their Online Newsrooms

Small startups, not-for-profit, educational and healthcare organizations are all able to easily publish and share their message with a large audience, like never before. You don’t have to have a million dollar budget to have an effective newsroom.

5 Amazing Online Newsrooms

It seems as if every company – big or small – has an online newsroom.  Each year, we research great examples of online newsrooms and include them in our annual report of “25 Amazing Online Newsrooms”. We have selected five that really stand out in terms of graphic design, content frequency and relevancy, and the use of new techniques such as brand journalism to provide a complete news hub for not only journalists, but also news consumers and other influencers.

Tips on Creating Content for your Online Newsroom

Creating content can be one of the most challenging parts of maintaining a successful online newsroom. It takes time, planning and research to be able to create unique and compelling content that journalists and news consumers will want to read.

Brand Journalism In the Pharmaceutical Industry

More companies are seeing the impact from self-publishing and self-distribution of their news through the use of a brand journalism strategy. This means less money spent on newswires and press releases and more time spent on crafting relevant stories. Whether it is retail giants such as Coca-Cola and Sprint or a steadfast pharma company like AbbVie, the idea is the same. Develop a mentality of creating great content that talks about the industry, the people, and the products in a way that connects directly with the consumer.

Companies Are Leveraging Social Media Distribution in their Online Newsrooms

Over the past several years, social media has become one of the primary distribution channels within an online newsroom. In addition to using email alerts, organizations have started leveraging tools such as RSS feeds, blogs, social sharing and embedded social widgets to help extend their brand and message out beyond traditional media, while at the same time allowing for quick and easy sharing.

How to leverage your online newsroom to improve your content marketing

You can utilize your online newsroom to simplify and automate these items.  First of all, you should be able to track any content sent out via email.  You should be able to see who, when, where, and what time your content was opened.  With this data you then know who needs more information and what type of information they are interested in.

Three Ways an Online Newsroom Can Save You Money

Saving money with an online newsroom is something that companies are doing every single day. Real, measurable ROI can be achieved by reducing wire costs, printing and shipping costs, and labor costs by more effectively using your online newsroom.