4 Ways to Use Your Newsroom for Content Marketing

Everyone knows content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords sweeping the digital PR industry.  But what does it really mean? Ensure that you are capitalizing on ways to use your online newsroom for content marketing by going through this short check list.

How to leverage your online newsroom to improve your content marketing

You can utilize your online newsroom to simplify and automate these items.  First of all, you should be able to track any content sent out via email.  You should be able to see who, when, where, and what time your content was opened.  With this data you then know who needs more information and what type of information they are interested in.

Content Marketing to Focus on Distribution and Social

If you’re planning your budget, or thinking about how best to spend what’s left in your coffers, take a look at this article from Forbes, The Top 7 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate. In it SEO expert and blogger Jayson DeMers predicts that budgets for content marketing will reach new highs across all industries, with a new emphasis on distribution and social media. 

Content Marketing Tips From Recent Summit

Recently the content marketing world descended upon London for their annual summit. Although we were not able to attend the summit, upon reading some of the tips and advice coming out of the conference, we were excited to see that the industry is continuing to thrive. Content marketing is such a critical part of an organization's communications strategy and if done well, can help not only increase awareness of a brand or product, but also help drive leads.

Finding ROI in Content Marketing and Online Newsrooms

One of the most frequent questions we are asked when talking about online newsrooms and content marketing is "where is the ROI?" It is a fair question and one that must be addressed in light of the fact that there are many, many "experts" out there who may or may not be bringing value to your organization. 

Social Media: Word of Mouth, Amplified Exponentially

It’s something of a truism by now that social media is vital to business success, but the “why” and ROI behind social media’s importance are often harder to pin down. In an article for Chicago Now, Genevieve Valliere explores the “why” and offers this assessment: ‘When it comes to choosing where to spend money, above all else people love a “social proof” recommendation.  . . . Makes sense doesn’t it? It’s good old word of mouth, dressed up by technology.’
LinkedIn’s InMail Change Rewards Quality Content Marketing
09 January 2015

LinkedIn’s InMail Change Rewards Quality Content Marketing

If you’re still thinking of LinkedIn as a place to build your career rather than your business, you’re missing out on what the professional networking site has to offer—LinkedIn has become an increasingly important content marketing platform, especially for B2B companies. Now, as Julian Chow reports in Hypertext, a change in LinkedIn’s InMail policy makes the site an even better place for creators of quality content marketing.
To Succeed in 2015: Tailor Your Content and Give It a Better Home
31 December 2014

To Succeed in 2015: Tailor Your Content and Give It a Better Home

Lamenting the plethora of  “those ‘predictions’ and ‘trends’ articles doing their rounds on the Internet,” Daniel Newman offers a view into his own crystal ball in 5 Less Obvious Content Marketing Predictions For 2015, a recent post on Forbes.com. Among his predictions: marketers who tailor their content—focusing on quality over quantity—and build a better home for all of their multimedia content will succeed in the coming year. 
Three Simple Resolutions to Boost Content Marketing Results in 2015
29 December 2014

Three Simple Resolutions to Boost Content Marketing Results in 2015

If you’re among the roughly four in 10 Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, chances are good that you’ll have trouble sustaining the momentum necessary to meet your goals. Sixty percent of all New Year’s resolutions fail by June, the six-month mark, and only eight percent of “resolvers” actually achieve their stated goals, according to research from the University of Scranton. Whether your goal is personal or professional, you’re more likely to succeed if you set simple and tangible goals, say most experts. So if your goal is to improve your content marketing, consider three simple, tangible resolutions from a recent B2C post by Allison Boccamazzo.