What is Brand Journalism?

It seems that more and more I am reading about “brand journalism” when researching how companies are using their online newsrooms. Some of the pieces published in the last week include “7 Reasons Why You Should Break Into Brand Journalism”, “Insurer launches brand journalism site to speak directly to customers”, and “GMP PR Agency launches new department for brand journalism.” This marketing technique is not just a fad- it is here to stay.

Brand Journalism In the Pharmaceutical Industry

More companies are seeing the impact from self-publishing and self-distribution of their news through the use of a brand journalism strategy. This means less money spent on newswires and press releases and more time spent on crafting relevant stories. Whether it is retail giants such as Coca-Cola and Sprint or a steadfast pharma company like AbbVie, the idea is the same. Develop a mentality of creating great content that talks about the industry, the people, and the products in a way that connects directly with the consumer.
05 January 2016

Forbes Talks Up Brand Journalism as Trend for 2016

Online newsrooms are a centralized communications hub for all of your content. This includes brand journalism pieces such as featured stories, organic news about partners, clients and products, and thought leadership posts from subject matter experts. Forbes predicts that brand journalism will continue to increase as a method for companies to get their news into the mainstream media. An online newsroom can help provide the content management and distribution system that organizations need to successfully implement a brand journalism strategy. To learrn more, schedule a demo today.

Promoting Your Brand on a Limited Budget

Most small to mid-sized organizations have limited PR and marketing budgets. However, this shouldn't dissuade corporate communicators from considering how they can still generate awareness for their campaigns.

Finding ROI in Content Marketing and Online Newsrooms

One of the most frequent questions we are asked when talking about online newsrooms and content marketing is "where is the ROI?" It is a fair question and one that must be addressed in light of the fact that there are many, many "experts" out there who may or may not be bringing value to your organization. 
To Succeed in 2015: Tailor Your Content and Give It a Better Home
31 December 2014

To Succeed in 2015: Tailor Your Content and Give It a Better Home

Lamenting the plethora of  “those ‘predictions’ and ‘trends’ articles doing their rounds on the Internet,” Daniel Newman offers a view into his own crystal ball in 5 Less Obvious Content Marketing Predictions For 2015, a recent post on Forbes.com. Among his predictions: marketers who tailor their content—focusing on quality over quantity—and build a better home for all of their multimedia content will succeed in the coming year. 
11 December 2014

Great News for PR: Google’s Spiders Now Love Good Writers

 “Google has slowly made PR the focus of searching online. And it’s up to you to capitalize on it,” says Mickie E. Kennedy in a recent post on B2C in which he explores the effects of the so-called “new SEO.” If you’ve been around long enough to remember the Wild Wild West days of the late nineties’ web and its primitive search engines, you know that, largely thanks to Google, we’ve come a long way. No longer is keyword-stuffing the ticket to high ranking, and Google’s latest update has taken the “fair search” trend even further. 
06 December 2014

General Electric Using Brand Journalism and Social Media Effectively

As more brands begin to understand the importance of leveraging news content for marketing purposes, you will see more and more "traditional" journalists being hired and inserted into the communciations departments of large corporations. This has been happening for quite some time on the fringes, with companies like Ford, Toyota, and Sprint. However, now with the tools and platforms such as social media, online newsrooms, and digital distribution, it is becoming more and more relevant for companies big and small to get involved. This means content generation, curation, sharing and offering insight on existing news pieces.
01 December 2014

Brand Journalism: Old as the Hills, Hotter than Ever

Given the amount of attention the term “brand journalism” has been garnering over the past year, it would be easy to mistake it for a new idea or a hot young cousin of content marketing. But brand journalism has been around as long as there have been brands—what’s new(ish) is that brands have in many cases stopped relying on agencies or friends in the press to tell their stories. Brands have become publishers, with behemoths like GE and Coke leading the way.