05 November 2007

Journalists are Embracing Web 2.0 Technologies, But Remain Frustrated with PR's Sense of Preparedness, According to New Survey

PR pros seeking insights regarding journalists' use of online newsrooms, blogs, RSS and social media will be interested in a new study conducted by Bulldog Reporter and TEKgroup International, which indicates that journalists' usage of these technologies is more extensive than believed by PR professionals.
18 September 2007

September Corporate Spotlights-TEKgroup International

Steve Momorella talks about this company’s revolutionary niche of cost-effective, online newsroom software.

11 July 2007

A unanimous decision: Survey shows online newsrooms are required for media interaction

That it’s imperative today for organizations to have an online newsroom is one of the many findings of the 2007 Online Newsroom Survey. The research, conducted annually by TEKgroup International, Inc., gathers feedback from journalists.

06 April 2007

How's Your e-Pressroom? New Journalist Survey Points Out Importance of Online Newsrooms

New survey results indicate that journalists almost unanimously rely on well-organized, up-to-date company online newsrooms to get their reporting done—illustrating why it is so important for corporate communicators to utilize online public relations, and to focus initially on an online newsroom, according to the 2007 Online Newsroom Survey, conducted by TEKgroup International.
09 October 2006

Helping consumers get the message

Software that helps with message management has fast evolved.
Get weekly news alerts on the consumer, healthcare, or technology industry. Newsletters include news round-ups, features, and jobs tailored to the particular sector.
09 August 2006

Web accessibility, online newsroom software, more

Online newsrooms
What can online-newsroom software do for me that a basic HTML Web page cannot?
12 July 2006

Journalists relay what is expected from an online newsroom

Meaningful trends revealed in 2006 survey
As published in Public Relations Society of America Public Relations Tactics, July 2006
While the corporate communicator sets up and maintains a company's online newsroom, ultimately, the end user is the journalist. As an initial point of interaction, the online newsroom should contain all elements desired by journalists.>
20 April 2006

Extending online newsrooms' reach, RSS feeds, and more

As published in PRWeek, April 17, 2006
Our company deals with journalists from a variety of regions. How do we address this in our online newsroom?
19 April 2006

Straight from the horse's mouth

As published in PR Week. April 2006
An online pressroom can ensure that journalists get the news from the right source.