What is Brand Journalism?

It seems that more and more I am reading about “brand journalism” when researching how companies are using their online newsrooms. Some of the pieces published in the last week include “7 Reasons Why You Should Break Into Brand Journalism”, “Insurer launches brand journalism site to speak directly to customers”, and “GMP PR Agency launches new department for brand journalism.” This marketing technique is not just a fad- it is here to stay.

Tips on Creating Content for your Online Newsroom

Creating content can be one of the most challenging parts of maintaining a successful online newsroom. It takes time, planning and research to be able to create unique and compelling content that journalists and news consumers will want to read.

Brand Journalism In the Pharmaceutical Industry

More companies are seeing the impact from self-publishing and self-distribution of their news through the use of a brand journalism strategy. This means less money spent on newswires and press releases and more time spent on crafting relevant stories. Whether it is retail giants such as Coca-Cola and Sprint or a steadfast pharma company like AbbVie, the idea is the same. Develop a mentality of creating great content that talks about the industry, the people, and the products in a way that connects directly with the consumer.

Companies Are Leveraging Social Media Distribution in their Online Newsrooms

Over the past several years, social media has become one of the primary distribution channels within an online newsroom. In addition to using email alerts, organizations have started leveraging tools such as RSS feeds, blogs, social sharing and embedded social widgets to help extend their brand and message out beyond traditional media, while at the same time allowing for quick and easy sharing.

How to leverage your online newsroom to improve your content marketing

You can utilize your online newsroom to simplify and automate these items.  First of all, you should be able to track any content sent out via email.  You should be able to see who, when, where, and what time your content was opened.  With this data you then know who needs more information and what type of information they are interested in.

Three Ways an Online Newsroom Can Save You Money

Saving money with an online newsroom is something that companies are doing every single day. Real, measurable ROI can be achieved by reducing wire costs, printing and shipping costs, and labor costs by more effectively using your online newsroom.

Four Signs You Need to Improve Your Online Newsroom

Online newsrooms have become an integral part of every communicator’s tool kit. There are four key indicators that you need to consider when creating or upgrading your newsroom to save time and money for your organization. Below we look at each sign and provide details on what journalists expect from your online newsroom. If you are creating a new newsroom or upgrading your existing one, these can help.

Travel and Resort Industry Focusing on Mobile

Travel and resorts are increasingly targeting mobile users as part of their marketing plans, including mobile-friendly, responsive online newsrooms. MGM Resorts, Vail Resorts, and the Florida Keys all have re-structured their online newsrooms to be more mobile friendly, including photos and videos. With more than 50% of our clients’ traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important to ensure that your online newsroom is responsive and able to handle different screen sizes.
05 January 2016

Forbes Talks Up Brand Journalism as Trend for 2016

Online newsrooms are a centralized communications hub for all of your content. This includes brand journalism pieces such as featured stories, organic news about partners, clients and products, and thought leadership posts from subject matter experts. Forbes predicts that brand journalism will continue to increase as a method for companies to get their news into the mainstream media. An online newsroom can help provide the content management and distribution system that organizations need to successfully implement a brand journalism strategy. To learrn more, schedule a demo today.